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The Vision

‘We believe every business has a brand identity, especially in the hospitality sector’……

Consequently, we work tirelessly to help formalise your brand so that all aspects and features of it can be communicated unambiguously and effectively to your customers. During this process, we work with you to:

  • confirm the essence of your brand
  • clarify your brand identity
  • identify the key characteristics of your brand
  • establish and develop a ‘competitive edge’
  • agree how the brand can be best communicated both online & offline
  • consider the ‘all weather’ stabilising requirements and adaptability factors
  • comprehensive brand development

This process is informed by our published paper ‘how branded hotels can respond best to changes in a dynamic environment with rigid brand structures’ Blight, (2004,)

This also can enable you to increase the profile of your business thereby obviously making it more visible to potential customers.

Product development and brand evolution are both vital elements of any business in the very competitive and ever-changing hospitality sector. We can play an important role in helping you to adapt and develop both short term tactics and strategy to navigate the challenging business landscape.

It is also envisaged that this process will help to add both strength and integrity to your offering. Why not let us lead you through this process? Contact us for an initial discussion.